A high bun with braids, the perfect hair-up style for a wedding guest

This very elegant and easy-to-do hair-up style is ideal for a wedding or special celebration. This hairstyle will add a few centimetres to your height as if by magic and has a slimming effect.

We are going to explain how to do it step by step in just a few minutes. The results are spectacular! We recommend you don’t do this style with freshly-washed hair. It’s better to wash your hair the day before, which helps your style last longer.

The first step is to untangle the hair with a detangling brush to prevent frizz.

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A high braid, an easy hair-up style for long hair

If you have long hair, it’s time to try this hair-up style that is absolutely bang on trend. This high braid instantly makes you look younger, with a slimming effect on the face, and coming to your aid on those days when you just can’t do anything with your hair. This hair-up style is fresh, modern, casual and, above all, very stylish.

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Ten interesting facts you did not know about your nails.

Did you know that your nails tend to grow more in the summer?  Increased sun exposure provides vitamin E that stimulates growth. It is always a good idea to take advantage of the good weather so that they receive all of the benefits of the sun, always using sun screen of course.

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Five errors we make when removing eyebrow hairs

Combing them with a goupillonand using fixing gelis the best way to keep them in place all day long.

Plucking between your eyebrows too much will make your eyes look too far apart and your nose will look more prominent.

Excessively thin eyebrows will also make you look older and give your face an odd expression. If your eyebrows are naturally thin and you want to give them more volume, here is a step-by-step guide to “How to make up thin eyebrows”.

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Benefits of a 7 Free manicure

When we choose cosmetics, we look at the ingredients they contain and whether they adapt to our skin type and specific needs. In the case of nail polishes, we don’t always look closely at what they are made from because we believe they don’t affect our health as they are applied to the surface of the nails.

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See you at infarma 2018

Once again it is a pleasure for us to be at Infarma, the annual trade fair for the pharmaceutical sector, where we will present both new products and our more established ranges from our pharmacy catalogue. This includes our Look Expert makeup line, a range of products that, as well as adding colour, also moisturise the skin and protect it from external aggressions like the sun, and our Look Expert Facial Skin Care facial cleansing range with products formulated from natural ingredients.

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How to make up thin eyebrows

What are your eyebrows like? If the answer is thin, sparse, irregular… then this post is for you. And we don’t all have the eyebrows we’d like to have: they are either too short or too thin, or too light or there are a few hairs missing... Nobody is perfect, and we love ourselves just as we are. However, with a bit of makeup, we can give them a boost and define them just how we like them: perfect. So, pick up paper and a pencil, we’re going to show you how to give them the desired shape.

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