Tutorial: aprende a maquillarte pecas

Una tendencia para este otoño que arrasa en Instagram: las falsas pecas (pecas falsas?). Rostros famosos como Megan Markle, Emma Watson, Kylie y Kendall Jenner, lucen sus pecas naturales y han puesto de moda el look pecoso/ este look, un toque de frescor que puedes conseguir fácilmente.

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Eyeliners de colores: 4 looks frescos y rápidos

Dibuja tu mirada en tonos vibrantes, atrévete y dale un nuevo aire a tu look. Porque cada día puede ser diferente, y un toque divertido es una buena manera de empezar.

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A high bun with braids, the perfect hair-up style for a wedding guest

This very elegant and easy-to-do hair-up style is ideal for a wedding or special celebration. This hairstyle will add a few centimetres to your height as if by magic and has a slimming effect.

We are going to explain how to do it step by step in just a few minutes. The results are spectacular! We recommend you don’t do this style with freshly-washed hair. It’s better to wash your hair the day before, which helps your style last longer.

The first step is to untangle the hair with a detangling brush to prevent frizz.

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