Feet&Roll Express lima electrónica antidurezas

39,95 €


1- Wash and dry your feet completely 2- Place the head according to the thickness of the corn or callus to be removed: a. Thin corn and finishing touch: fine grain b. Medium corn: medium grain c. Thick corn: coarse grain You can also combine the different heads during the filing process: Start with the coarse or medium grain head and finish with the fine grain for a thin and smooth skin. 3- Press the power button and the head will begin to turn at fast speed (red light). If you want to change at extra fast speed (green light), press the button again. 4- Proceed with rotary movements on the corn, without exerting much pressure. 5-Turn off the electronic file by pressing the power button. Check the result; you can re-pass with the fine grain head until you get the desired result. 6-After each use, turn off the file and clean it following the instructions in the "Maintenance and cleaning" section. Important: do not submerge or pass through water the main body of the electronic file. For reasons of hygiene, we recommend not exchanging the electronic file with other users.  

Charging system

Puede cargarse conectando el cable USB a un transformador de 5V 1A (no incluido) o a un ordenador personal. Cuando el indicador está en rojo es necesario cargar la batería. Cuando el indicador cambie a luz verde, estará cargada por completo. Asegúrate de recargarla después de cada uso para mantener el rendimiento óptimo de la batería de litio. El tiempo de carga completo es de 2h, una vez cargada es recomendable desconectarla de la corriente.

Cleaning and maintenance

how to change thr head

With the electronic file off, remove the head by pulling outwards. To place it again, fits the head according to the picture. You will notice a "click-sound" that indicates that it has been placed correctly.



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