Squeeze Wax Cold Cire Wax. Sensitive skin

No need to heat! Squeeze & Go!

Squeeze wax is improved to simplify the depilation process for you. You can apply liposoluble squeeze wax directly to your skin without any wax preparation or heating. You can just squeeze 100% Cire Wax without the need for any pre-preparation or heating.

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The easy application head allows you to apply the wax on your skin directly as a thin layer easily like other roll-on cire waxes. The formula of Squeeze Wax is sugar free, it does not feed the hair roots. You can get smoothness and softness up to 4 weeks on your skin with 3 types for "Thick and Dense Hair", "Normal Hair" and "Sensitive Skin".


-          It doesn't contain rosin resin, paraben, mineral oils and sugar.

-          Does not contain colophony resin.

-          Dermatologically tested.

Box Contents: 20 Strips for arms and legs, 1 pcs Tube,  1 pcs Easy Application Head

How to use

Make sure that your skin is dry and clean before the application. Make sure that you apply the product in room temperature (22-24 °C). If the environment is significantly cooler than room temperature you may heat the product in a warm water to squeeze easier. If the environment is warmer than room temperature, you may cool down until it reaches to room temperature to make it more viscose.

1- Take off the cap and safety seal from the tube and place the application head by turning to clockwise

2-Apply the wax by squeezing the tube on to your skin towards the hair growth direction as a thin layer

3-Stick the waxing paper on the waxed area towards the hair growth direction firmly by pressing on it

4-Stretch your skin with one hand, and pull the paper towards the opposite direction of hair growth parallel to your skin fast with one move.

Apply Post-depilation cleaning wipes, baby oil, or wax cleaning oil to clean the wax residues.




Read all the instructions and warnings before use. Test Squeeze Wax on a small area of your skin 24 hours before the application. If you do not observe allergies or any adverse reaction you can continue to apply. If you feel any adverse reaction of burning, bleeding or tingling, stop using the product and apply post-depilation wipes to remove the wax and rinse your skin with water. If the reaction continues seek medical help immediately. Do not use the products on nipples, genital, anal and perianal areas. Squeeze Wax is for applying on arms, legs, body, underarms and bikini region. Do not use the product if you have diabetics, or retinoid treatment. Do not use the product on varicose, irritated, wounded, sun burn or any damaged tissues and black spots on the skin. Do not ingest the product and avoid the eye contact. In case of ingestion or eye contact rinse the area with warm water and seek medical advice immediately. Keep away from the reach of children and direct sunlight. After depilation, keep the waxed area away from the sunlight or avoid using deodorants or cosmetics on the applied areas for 12 hours after the application.


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